Why won’t the Canada Science Museum explain why it’s closed?

My undergraduate years in the Physics building at the University of Saskatchewan were marked by periodic closures of the women’s washroom as it underwent construction, then asbestos cleaning, then maybe more asbestos cleaning? There were a lot of signs warning us that the room was toxic, but there wasn’t much of other info floating around. Now, the Canada Science and Technology Museum seems to have the same problem.

Here’s the embarrassing video Sun News doesn’t want you to see

Sun News Network loves to shit on the CBC, so it’s no surprise that when the latest round of budget cuts were announced at Mother Corp., they reached out to someone who would be willing to contribute to the hate-fest. The only problem is that they reached out to comedian Scott Vrooman, who not only supports the CBC but also has a pretty low opinion of Sun News, which he made abundantly clear during a live interview with host Adrienne Batra.

New Brunswick resident mourns barbecue on Kijiji

One of the great joys of summer is barbecue. Meat or vegetable, surely we can all agree that grilled food is good food. Arguing with your father when he burns the steaks and says “the black stuff gives it flavour!” only to turn around and claim char causes cancer when you leave the veggie kebabs too long — by a second! — is not to be toyed with.