Student forgotten in a cell who drank his own urine to survive seems surprisingly chill about the whole thing

Daniel Chong wants justice, like, if someone gets to it or whatever. No rush.

The UC San Diego student was partying with friends when DEA agents raided the house and busted them with marijuana, ecstasy, prescription meds, mushrooms and even some weapons. Knowing the DEA, though, they probably just grabbed a knife from the kitchen and claimed it as weaponry.

In any case, Chong seemed like he was in the clear. While everyone else was arrested and charged, he was about to be released and even given a ride home but the agents forgot him in a holding cell. They left him there for five days, completely unattended with no food or water. To survive, Chong drank his own urine (which does prolong your life a day or two) but was probably close to kidney failure by the time someone finally found him.

Chong could easily have died due to the carelessness of the DEA agents who didn’t even charge him with any crime. It’s all very serious — although you’d never know it. In the above interview with NBC San Diego, Chong retells in the most lackadaisical way possible what happened and wonders how he could have been forgotten.

“It’s not in like a hallway either,” he says tentatively, puzzling over how exactly the room was set up where he almost perished. “It’s like, a round room? With rooms around it?”

Eventually, with Chong’s eyesight failing, someone finally found him and took him to hospital.

“After realizing what happened to me, who wouldn’t be mad?” he shrugs lazily, spinning slowly back and forth in his chair.

Then the interview ended and he was forgotten in the equipment room for another few days. Boy, doesn’t he just have Home Alone proportions of bad luck?

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