Famous Winnipeg intersection gets more bad news as Wheat Board goes under

Approximately 300 pencil-pushers at the embattled Canadian Wheat Board head office in downtown Winnipeg are about to get their walking papers.

“This is a huge blow to the corporate community of Winnipeg,” Winnipeg Centre MP and all around awesome dude Pat Fucking Martin, told Metro News. “It just hollows out the central business district.”

The Wheat Board, which loses its monopoly on western wheat and barley exports on Aug. 1, has been on the federal Conservative chopping block for years. While many grain farmers support the single-desk system, free-market conservatives and entrepreneurial grain farmers have been looking to get out from under the thumb of the Board and start making some big deals.

The Wheat Board head office is located just north of the intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street. Perhaps most famous as the site where the WHA’s Winnipeg Jets signed Bobby “The Golden Jet” Hull to an unprecedented $1 million contract in June 1972, the intersection was also once the site of a robust western Canadian grain trade. Portage and Main was also home, until recently, to a robust western Canadian media conglomerate, which recently hit on hard times itself.

Martin believes the CWB will have to relocate to smaller premises once the evisceration layoffs are complete following the fall harvest.

“Recently it has been nothing but good news for downtown,” says Martin, who clearly doesn’t read the Winnipeg Sun. “But it always seems like one step forward and two steps back.”

No word yet on where these pencil-pushers will find gainful employment. Perhaps they’ll be able to pick up part of the lucrative squeegee industry that downtown Winnipeg is renowned for, which ranks second only to Crime as the top economic driver in the area.

via MetroFlickr

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