Foreign Minister John Baird has brass balls and doesn’t care who knows about them

It’s long been common knowledge that Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has a freakishly large head, but it seems he has the balls to match.

In a move that shocked reporters, but failed to faze anyone who pays attention to the dealings of the Harper government, Baird said Monday that shutting down the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) was a direct result of the content of the Round Table’s research. Particularly irritating to the Conservative Party was NRTEE’s apparent obsession with limiting carbon emissions.

Previously, Environment Minister and radical environmental eradicator Peter Kent blamed the axing of the round-table on the Interweb, claiming the availability of information on the web made the NRTEE’s research unnecessary. But Baird blew that little white lie out of water with a vengeance on Monday. According to the CBC, Baird said:

“Why should taxpayers have to pay for more than 10 reports promoting a carbon tax, something that the people of Canada have repeatedly rejected? It should agree with Canadians. It should agree with the government. No discussion of a carbon tax that would kill and hurt Canadian families.”

Kill and hurt Canadian families, eh?

Liberal leader Bob Rae responded in French, according to the National Post, saying something to the effect of “It’s clear what he is saying, the government is closing institutions down and shutting down the voices with whom they don’t agree with.” But then again, he could have just been saying “Blah blah bleep bloop gobble-dee-goop” for all anyone cares.

Then again, none of this is really news, is it? It has long been maintained that the Conservative government is not keen on anything beyond the party line, and this just confirms that. The only news is that John Baird has the balls to just admit that he his fellow Conservatives don’t care about independent research that goes against their agenda.

Still, hardly worth that CBC reporter’s taxpayer-funded salary for typing it up in the first place. Get your priorities straight, pal. Aren’t the Stanley Cup semifinals going on?

More distressing is the fact that Baird believes a carbon tax would somehow hunt down and hurt or kill Canadian families in their own homes. That’s some heavy shit. If taxes have the power to hurt and kill us, shouldn’t we assume they will all do so, given the opportunity? If that’s the case, I say we preemptively round the whole lot up and put them into some sort of “death camp,” where they can never hurt us or our families. Ever. I suggest we start with the liquor taxes, and work backwards from there.

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