Norway man sets himself on fire outside Anders Breivik’s trial, police belatedly kick the fire out

The trial of Norwegian mass-killer Anders Breivik in Oslo has a strong police presence, but don’t expect them to do much. In fact, they had an excellent chance today to spring into action when a man set himself on fire outside the court.

In video of the incident, the man stumbles around with his shirt and face on fire, screaming “Shoot me! Shoot me!” The police, however, don’t take him up on that. Nor do they rush to put the fire out. Numerous people in uniform just stand around while a man stands there with his face on fire.

Eventually police do get the burning clothing off and douse the flames, but not before lazily kicking at the man for a bit.

Why did he do this? Apparently the self-immolation was completely unrelated to the trial of Breivik. This was not a bizarre show of support for the killer (although Breivik says he’s a pretty nice guy, once you get to know him). It was a desperate suicide attempt after being rejected for social assistance.

Breivik’s trial, meanwhile, continued today with testimony from some of his surviving victims. If convicted, Breivik will serve 21 years in Norway’s notoriously violent prison system.


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