Completely age-appropriate educational sex exhibit gets criticized by uptight prudes

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An educational exhibit at an Ottawa museum has triggered a flood of complaints from uptight parents who are horrified that their children might learn accurate information about sex.

“Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition” opens today at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, but not before Heritage Minister James Moore and Sun News made a huge deal over the frank discussion of human sexuality that is part of the, um, exhibit on human sexuality.

So what’s so shocking? Sex, masturbation, homosexuality, even abortion are addressed. There are even dildos! Or as one outraged parent said, “They were encouraging kids to have multiple partners, have anal sex, and the words they used were inappropriate. This felt like a sexual agenda being pushed.”

Woah, that sounds crazy. Encouraging kids to have anal sex? No wonder people are a little upset. And to think that this was originally intended for kids 12 and up before the parental/parliamentary outrage made the museum raise the minimum age to 16.

Except that the same exhibit was in Montreal and Regina for a year without a single complaint.

“Their experience was nothing like ours… in a way it was a bit of a surprise, the kind of response that we’re getting here in Ottawa,” a museum spokesperson told the Globe and Mail.

Could it be that a bunch of prudes whose own sexuality is so repressed that the mere existence of genitals causes alarm have somehow ginned up a faux controversy about this exhibit? Besides, every kid who is in the target demographic for this is watching hardcode ass-fisting porn right now anyway. That’s all kids do anymore nowadays. The least they could learn is how to properly put a condom on before getting into that heavy stuff.

The one thing we’ve learned though is that people in Ottawa are prudes. You know who wouldn’t give a damn about an exhibit like this? The fine people of Dildo, Nfld.

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