A vial of Ronald Reagan’s blood is available at auction for $10,000

PFC Auctions, based in the United Kingdom, is auctioning off a vial of Ronald Reagan’s blood. The current asking price is £6,270 (almost $10,000 USD).

The blood was apparently gathered after the failed assassination attempt of 1981. The person who submitted the little vial of dried blood says his mother was a nurse who worked at the Bio Science Laboratories in Columbia, MD., where the president’s blood was sent for testing. Afterward, she asked a supervisor whether she could keep the test tube and was allowed to do so. Because who wouldn’t want to keep a little bit of presidential blood around the house?

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation says it will “use every legal means to stop its sale or purchase.” This must be a real bummer for those Republicans (i.e. all of them) who want to clone Reagan so he can rule America and cut taxes into eternity.

UPDATE: The seller has cancelled the auction and will instead donate the blood to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. Bidding on the PFC Auctions website stood at $30,086 when it was cancelled.

BBC News

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