Environment Canada team that monitored toxic air pollution now monitoring job listings

Late Friday afternoon, as hard-working Canadians were preparing to pack up their work for the week, the federal government took another hard swing at the dead horse that is the environment in this country.

Post Media reported that the Harper government intends to further castrate (if that is even possible at this time) Environment Canada by breaking up the team of scientists responsible for monitoring and enforcing toxic air pollution. The Ottawa-based group, which has done a lot to crack down on industrial pollution, will be phased out over the next year. Not content with simply ignoring science, it appears the federal Conservatives intend to do away with it entirely.

Environment Minister and Serious Brawler Peter Kent refused to comment Friday on the alleged changes in his department, but why should he even bother at this point? The Conservative position has been clearly delineated at this point. If people are still shocked by the government’s all out war on environmental science, they clearly suffer from brain damage, most likely caused from excessive consumption of electric lettuce.

Frankly, any asshole in Harper’s Canada who thinks they can stand in the way of The Economy can get fucked fast. Scientists are just environmentalists with fancy degrees to justify their bullshit hippy gibberish. We all know environmentalists are terrorists.

So what if people want to breathe clean air? What’s your fucking problem, pal? Do you hate the economy of something, you piece of trash?

[cite url=”http://www.canada.com/business/Federal+government+pollution+monitoring+team/6679995/story.html”]Postmedia image: Environment Canada/Facebook

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