BC premier Christy Clark declines naked kitesurfing opportunity with Virgin billionaire

B.C. premier Christy Clark doesn’t want to ride naked on billionaire Richard Branson’s back as he kitesurfs, sources say.

Well, the sources are actually her press secretary who responded to a blog post by Branson joking about going kitesurfing with Clark, noting that there is a strict dress code.

Lol, billionaires!

Branson was in B.C. last week to announce a new direct London-to-Vancouver flight for his airline and met the premier. Evidently he’s been thinking about her since then. As for the photo, it’s real. In a 2011 article in the Telegraph, Branson described picking up kitesurfing (while at his private Caribbean island; asshole!).

“Once, a delightful photographer turned up on the island with an even more delightful girlfriend and asked if I would take her kitesurfing on my back. I said I would, and then he asked if I minded if she didn’t have any clothes on. Silly question.”

On an unrelated note, I hope Richard Branson keeps making awkward sex news. It’s just too much fun writing about a virgin billionaire propositioning people.

via:The Province image: Virgin.com

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