Some psycho sent a human foot to the Conservative Party (updated)

The Conservative Party of Canada has been stepping on a lot of people’s toes lately as they ram their massive budget bill through Parliament, and it appears someone has finally had enough and is putting their foot down.

Or, most likely, someone else’s foot.

Police were called to the CPC headquarters in Ottawa at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday morning to deal with what appeared to be a suspicious package. At first the package, which was stained with blood, was thought to contain a human heart. Upon closer inspection, it appears the package contains not a heart, but a human foot.

Why on God’s green earth anyone would send either to the Conservative Party HQ is a question for the ages. CPC reps are refusing to answers questions, and have been directing all media inquiries to the Ottawa Police as of this afternoon.

To be sure, the Conservatives have been pissing people off left and right for years. But they’ve really cranked that shit into high gear after  they received their majority mandate in May 2011. Pissing directly in the faces of environmentalists, scientists, First Nations, unions, the un(der)employed, ladies … Hell, the list really goes on to include pretty much everyone who didn’t vote Conservative in the last federal election, and even some of those who did.

But a human foot in the mail? Give your fucking head a shake. What kind of protest are you trying to pull here, pal?

If anything, this bizarre and twisted stunt only gives leverage to the federal Conservative position that if you aren’t a card-carrying member of the Conservative clan, then you’re a goddamn terrorist Nazi-sympathizer of some sort.

Best case scenario here is that whoever sent this disturbing package did so more out of a Van Goghesque sense of reverence for The Party.

UPDATE 1: Police have found a second body part: a hand.

UPDATE 2: Police have a suspect, one Luka Rocco Magnotta, who previously made international headlines when he killed kittens on YouTube.