British Columbia: Canada’s Florida (and death’s waiting room)

According to census data, more of our country’s senior citizens are migrating over to the West Coast. Of the 10 Canadian municipalities with the most seniors in Canada, B.C. has seven of them, reported the Vancouver Sun.

Seniors seem to head to less busy areas of the province, avoiding the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver and surrounding areas. This may be due to either a lack of available space to toss horseshoes, or perhaps fewer kids on their dang skateboards. I’ll bet you won’t find many skateboards in areas like Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, where over 47 per cent of the residents are seniors. Old people love Vancouver Island.

Where old people certainly don’t like to be are rowdy places like Whistler, which has 82.8 per cent “working population” — an ostentatious way to describe anyone from age 15 to 64.

Canada’s youngest province is Nunavut, with 32.7 per cent of the population under the age of 14.

via:Vancouver Sun image: Flickr

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