Terrorists apparently plotted to bomb Eurovision, of all things

From ABBA to Zeljko Joksimovic, the Eurovision Song Contest has spent the past 56 years catapulting singers of all stripes into international fame or, as happened to Moldova’s incredible entry from last year, down the memery hole. When something gives us all that plus GWAR-aping Finnish rock-goblins Lordi, who can hate it, right?

APPARENTLY SOMEONE CAN. The Associated Press is reporting that 40 people (!) were arrested recently on suspicion of plots to, among other things, blow up the Baku Crystal Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan, the venue where the Eurovision contest was held this year. Of course there were also plots to assassinate Azerbaijanian president Ilham Aliyev, assault religious sites, and attack hotels, all of which they were going to accomplish with about 30 guns and an incredible amount of bullets.

Azerbaijanian security forces and the AP are suggesting that the plot arose due to the nation’s location (between Russia and Iran) and, subsequently, its role in U.S.-friendly counter-terrorism programs. That’s fair, but let me advance this thesis: like everyone else, the terrorists were sick of fucking Jedward.

The Globe & Mail

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