Mitt Romney could be off the ballot in Arizona unless he proves he’s not a unicorn

Since birtherism (a.k.a. racists still unable to fathom that America has a black president) isn’t going anywhere, especially now that Donald Trump is doubling down on the matter, there is now a campaign in Arizona to get Mitt Romney to prove his suitability to stand for election.

An online petition now has over 20,000 signatures asking Arizona’s Secretary of State Ken Bennett to investigate whether Romney is a unicorn.

Bennett previously said he would kick Barack Obama off the ballot for the November election if it could not be proven that he was born on U.S. soil. He stepped away from that ludicrous position after getting the Hawaii Department of Health to verify that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii in 1961. (They must have full-time staff just dealing with birthers now.) Bennett is also expected to run for governor in 2014, replacing the ever-crazy Jan Brewer.

It’s not clear if being a unicorn would disqualify Romney from the presidency… unless he’s a Kenyan-born unicorn.

via:Left Action image: White House

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