Ezra Levant says he’s not a birther, just that there’s ‘weirdness’ about Obama’s birth certificate

Is Ezra Levant a troll? Is he simply trolling the conservative viewers of Sun News Network, trying to see how far he can go before even they won’t buy the shit he’s saying anymore?

Last week Levant attended a conference for climate change deniers and this week he’s cranking the conspiracy dial up to 11. He’s even dabbling in some light birtherism.

On his show The Source Tuesday night, Levant delivered a 10-minute essay on how little is known about the 44th president — which is news to everyone who has been alive the last four years — and threw everything he could muster into the mix. Watch the video above if you can sit through that much slurring.

“Did you know Obama grew up in Indonesia where he ate dog meat?” he asks incredulously. “Have you ever seen that reported?” Actually, yes. It was reported at least 400 times by very prominent news outlets.

Well, what about all that funny birth certificate stuff? If we’re only now finding out about how big of a pothead Obama was in his teens, what else are the media hiding?

“You could understand why birthers don’t believe the mainstream media anymore when they swear that Obama was born in America, when they swear that Obama’s Christian,” Levant said.

Now, to be fair, Levant doesn’t actually believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya — that would be silly. “I actually believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii,” he assures his audience. He just thinks Obama hasn’t responded more quickly and more forcefully to the crazy people who think he was born in Kenya, because that is apparently the president’s most important job.

It’s the classic bullshit of “I don’t believe this stuff, but someone should investigate.” Besides, there’s a certain “weirdness about his birth certificate,” according to Levant.

Of course, Obama’s birth certificate has been public since the 2008 campaign. When that didn’t satisfy the birthers, he published the long-form certificate on the White House website last year.

Who cares? Let’s just say his middle name a bunch. Barack Hussein Obama. Emphasis on the Hussein (like that Arab dictator, who was Muslim).

Just for good measure, Levant throws another few conspiracies into his rant.

  • Obama probably didn’t attend Columbia because no one remembers him. Also Fox News couldn’t find any evidence, so it must be true. Never mind that this has been completely debunked already and that one of Obama’s essays from his time at Columbia is available online.
  • Obama is a Muslim. Did he study the Qu’ran in Indonesia? Who knows? Everyone was eating so much dog meat back then, there’s no telling what religion was practiced. But it was probably Islam.
  • Obama never wrote anything as president of the Harvard Law Review, so there must be some skullduggery afoot. The current president Mitchell Reich hasn’t written anything either, but still. What is the lamestram media hiding?!
  • Obama family on his father’s side is languishing in poverty as Obama stands idly by. What is he afraid of, that they’re going to remind everyone of how Kenyan he is?

Apparently the point of all this dog-whistle ranting is that for every crazy fact we do know about Obama, the “consensus media” is probably hiding far worse. Does he have an underground railroad of illegal immigrants flooding America’s streets with drugs? There’s no way of knowing!

At the end of his speech, Levant says, with a straight face, “I really don’t know anything about Obama.” He’s probably right on that last part.

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