The 58 weirdest Google searches that led people to this site in May

We post some weird things sometimes here on the Albatross, meaning the site shows up in some truly bizarre searches. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people on the internet are always looking for porn, but there are some other gems as well. Here’s a list of the most noteworthy Google searches that led people to the website over the last month.

The Funny

Some of these queries make sense when you know what information someone was probably seeking, but they’re still odd without context. Others are just misspelled or nonsensical. A seven-dollar bill?

anderson cooper kicks barbie
wild collage girls
sex starved women
seven dollar bill
period puns
i love sexting
chaki chan
chackie chan film
blow j
abraham lincoln metrosexual
anderson cooper shirtless tumblr
cocaine and caviar
presidential butt plugs
digestive system of a man
bloe job
blo job
blow jobe
how to ride a dildo
famous racist people
naked chinese people

The Weird

FYI: There are a lot of people looking to have sex with dogs.

taking a dump
sex dog stories
robert de niro naked
rotten meat
naked jackie chan
jackie chan sex
how to have sex with a dog
dog sex missionary
dog wants sex
fuck a chicken
“stephen harper” nude

The Heart-Warming

These are just cute or hopelessly naive, probably searched by first-time internet users.

“best friend”
arab men holding hands
different cultures holding hands
how to perform miracles
girl butt
women gone wild
naked girls making out
is barbie a real person
jesus best friend
two friends holding hands
learn sex

The Random

These searches just make you wonder what the hell people were looking for, and what constitutes a fake blowjob.

air blowjob
anglo french drugs
racist shit
smoking a big joint
pee on
weird hat
israeli blowjob
her ankle
between leg girl
real blowjob
pretty blowjob
huge blowjob


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