Totally reasonable parent abandons his daughter over a bad calculus grade

America’s crumbling education system and underperforming students need some tough love. And if jailing them for missing class doesn’t help matters, hell, parents should just abandon their kids.

That’s what a Pennsylvania man did to his 16-year-old daughter for her failing grade in calculus. Tuan Huynh drove his daughter to a town over 20 kilometres away and abandoned her there with nothing but a backpack, a change of clothes and a blanket, according to local news.

When police checked up on her, she recounted that after an argument with her father over her grades, he gave her an hour to pack and then drove her to the neighbouring town where he left her. She had no phone, no friends or family nearby and no idea where she even was.

Huynh must now complete 100 hours of community service and take parenting classes before he’s allowed back into his home. The daughter, meanwhile, has learned a valuable lesson about moving the fuck out of the house as soon as humanly possible.

via:Montgomery News image: PhotoXpress

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