Vic Toews still not giving up on his warrantless online spying bill

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the suspect in the gruesome slaying of Lin Jun, is still at large and wanted by Interpol. The murder and subsequent mailing of body parts has shocked the nation, and surely we all want the police to find the killer and administer justice, right?

Enter Vic Toews.

The federal public safety minister says Bill C-30, the warrantless spying bill that a majority of the country rejected, would help the investigation.

“Certainly, that’s what the police have told me — that the powers in Bill C-30 are very relevant to this type of investigation in terms of either determining who the individual is, or determining the whereabouts of an individual,” Toews said on Friday.

How convenient. How very convenient.

After Toews accused all opponents of the bill of “standing with the child pornographers” and unleashed a tsunami of criticism against the government, the Conservatives very wisely decided to kill the bill. Nevertheless, Toews has been putting up a brave front, trying to assure everyone that the terribly invasive bill would indeed become law. Now it seems he’s using the gruesome Lin killing as a backdrop for another push to look at everything Canadians do on the internet with virtually no oversight. Nice try.

via:Sun News image: Flickr

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