Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare via Tumblr stymied by “Weed Hitler” et al

Today the National Republican Congressional Committee unveiled a website and campaign with the hilariously grammatically-challenged name #IWantRepeal. On a normal news day, #IWantRepeal would have spurred on nothing but thinkpieces on how the ludicrous, childlike whinge of the name reveals some deep-seated demanding infantilism on the part of those who put it together, or something along those lines. And while that stuff may still be true, the campaign also involves two things that, when combined, turned the campaign from a Molotov cocktail into something more like a Molotov boomerang:

  • An online petition;
  • A live feed of your signature being printed.

Lo and behold, the Internet did its worst. After being alerted to the #IWantRepeal site by Lowenaffchen, part of the Guardian-mentioned cadre of “weird, anonymous and occasionally brilliant” Twitter comedians, exactly what you would expect ensued, assuming you expected that a bunch of people obsessed with weed jokes and Hitler puns would sign the petition under names like that of deceased rapper Nate Dogg until the folks running the site decided to pull the livestream, thus surrendering to the onslaught of Internet people with boner joke usernames. There’s a gallery of some of the best that one of the people involved (okay, a Twitter user named “barfcaptain“) put together, and more over on the Twitter feed of Cakemittens, whose username appears in the above video. This may mark the first time in history that a useless, empty political stunt was torpedoed by someone using the pseudonym “Jiggly Puff.”

(Thanks for the tip, Jay F.)

via: Cakemittens

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