Saskatchewan is the ugliest province in Canada, says the rest of Canada

Just in time for Canada Day, a new poll conducted by Abacus Data shows how Canadians feel about each of the provinces. The poll went through questions such as which province has high taxes, is the best managed, is the prettiest, is the ugliest, etc.

It turns out the rest of Canada thinks Saskatchewan is ugly. The province of Saskatchewan was voted to have the worst scenery by a staggering 47 per cent of people who voted. The next closest competitor for this prestigious title was Manitoba with a much smaller 20 per cent of votes. (Too bad they didn’t ask which province is the most potash-y. Saskatchewan would have won hands down, as long as people know what potash is.)

Over 1,000 people were questioned for this poll and, as CBC news reported, “the people that participated weren’t asked if they had actually been to the province,” which seems like a fantastic way to do such a survey.

Abacus Data