Canada’s lakes and rivers to become more industry-friendly as feds remove water protection from law

A literal shit-ton of Canadian lakes and rivers are being pushed from the nest as the Harper government’s budget implementation bill moves through the House of Commons.

Transport Minister Denis Lebel announced sweeping changes to the (former) Navigable Waters Protection Act this week. The Harper government has rebranded the 130-year-old piece of legislation the “Navigation Protection Act,” signaling yet another victory in the Harper government’s protracted War vs. Nature.

According to the Montreal Gazette, “Lebel suggested that the changes could ease the burden on companies seeking approval on new industrial projects such as oilsands development or mining extraction.” Removing “water” from the whole equation, and leaving only 97 lakes, 62 rivers and the three oceans on Canada’s coasts covered under the newly rebranded bill is a top shelf power move on behalf of the Harper government, and sure to cripple any appeals to the constitution that Aboriginals, environmentalists, or other terroristsextremists” might put before the courts.

Well thank the good lord for that! All that bureaucratic red tape has severely handicapped the proliferation of massive open pit mines, destruction of irreparable wetlands, and obliteration of migratory species in northern Alberta. We’ve got a war to win here, people, and you don’t pussyfoot around when the stakes are high.

In a classic move, Green Party MP Elizabeth May was the only member to actually give a shit about the changes, telling a press conference that

“The destruction of the Navigable Waters Protection Act and renaming it the Navigation (Protection) Act is part of a consistent pattern of Stephen Harper trying to remove constitutional authorities for the environment.”

Here at the Albatross, we’ve documented the Harper government’s consistent victories in the War vs. Nature, and their particularly successful campaign against the scourge of environmental science. This latest move should, of course, be viewed as victory, and a giant leap forward for the cause of Industry in this vast resource park that we call home.

via:Montreal Gazette image: Aaron Warren/Flickr

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