Obama just spouting #MuslimBS, according to Sun News political columnist Sue-Ann Levy

There’s so much to love about Sun News, from its low-rent Fox imitation to its fake citizenship ceremonies to the outrageous things its employees sometimes tweet.

Here’s Sun News political columnist Sue-Ann Levy during tonight’s presidential debate, um, apparently disagreeing with something Barack Obama said:

Evidently she thinks Obama hasn’t been a “true friend” to Israel, because apparently that’s all that matters in the realm of American foreign policy. But rather than call it bullshit, she hilariously hashtagged it as #MuslimBS and then steadfastly refused to explain herself despite about a dozen people asking her what the hell she was talking about.

For what it’s worth, Levy does claim to be a “long-haired dachshund lover and general s— disturber” on her Twitter bio. So, this must be some of that shit-disturbing ol’ Sue-Ann is so proud of.

UPDATE: The tweet of the night goes to the inimitable Ann Coulter:

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