TransCanada’s 650-km pipeline could get built without any environmental review thanks to the omnibus bill

Shovels are itching to plow hard into the virgin earth of northern British Columbia, and it looks like there won’t be any pesky federal environmental assessment to slow these mothers down.

Under new legislation passed in the federal government’s Bill C-38 – the infamous omnibus bill – TransCanada’s proposed 650-kilometre natural Coastal GasLink gas pipeline may not have to flounder through years of red tape before being A-OKed by federal and provincial regulators. According to the Vancouver Sun, the rubber stamp of approval may grace this puppy as early as January 2013.

Of course, some people aren’t too chuffed about this economic boon.

““It makes me want to puke,” Otto Langer, retired head of habitat assessment and planning for the federal fisheries department in B.C. and Yukon, told the Vancouver Sun. “If we can’t have an environmental review on a project of this sort, this is proof we have gutted Canada’s environmental protection.”

Of course, with the federal Conservative government’s recent decimation of any and every piece of legislation related to environmental “protection,” it’s only natural for cry-babies extremists like Langer — or the David Suzuki Foundation, who are also pissing and moaning about this godsend — to get their panties in a knot over something like this. But the government could give two-shits about such anti-Canadian sentiments, and has long ago made its position crystal fucking clear.

The Coastal GasLink pipeline would carry liquified natural gas (LNG) from the idyllic backwoods outpost of Groundbirch, BC, to a proposed LNG facility on the coast in Kitimat, BC — near the terminus of the proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline. Kitimat, as a result, would be a hub for shipping both LNG and bitumen through a bunch of islands and rocks and junk out to the Pacific ocean and the bountiful and mysterious Oriental markets beyond.

The fact that this pipeline, which could pump up to 1.7 billion cubic feet of gas per day, would cross four major navigable rivers (the Peace, Fraser, Skeena, and Kitimat), potentially impact hundreds of species, and likely infringe upon the Constitutional rights of dozens of First Nations along the way is of course secondary to the orgy of dolla-dolla bills the Chinese (or Koreans, or whoever) will be throwing TransCanada’s way once the gas is flowing in 2018.

It’s pretty clear that Canadians can rest easy, thanks to the Conservative government’s foresight in matters of national significance such as this. Get those shovels fucking hammering into that earth. Chalk one up here for the good guys, eh boys? Let’s lay some fucking pipe!

via:Vancouver Sun

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