Toronto students forced to sing ‘O Canada’ a cappella, which is apparently a human rights violation

Students in Toronto Catholic schools have been the victims of an egregious human rights abuse! Everybody grab your favourite pearls and prepare to clutch them, because this is going to be a doozy.

They sing the national anthem a cappella.

Oh, wait a second. That can’t be right. Let me check with my — actually, yes, that is correct. Well shit, that isn’t a big deal at all. Sorry everyone.

The purported human rights violation exposed by desperate school board candidate valiant freedom fighter Kevin Morrison was instituted in April, though Morrison conveniently unfortunately was unable to make it public until mere days before the trustee byelection in which he is running.

Trustee Angela Kennedy, who defeated Morrison in his last bid for school board trusteeship (how badly can you want to be on a shitty school board?) proposed having students sing ‘O Canada’ without music in an effort to encourage more participation. Turns out Catholic school kids in Toronto are so ashamed of their country they refuse to sing along to the national anthem. That or they hate doing anything involving “participation.” Either way, the real crime here is obviously those kids not singing the song that glorifies this beautiful nation, god dammit!

Not content to make the most bizarre human rights claim in Canadian history, Morrison listed several confusing scenarios that are also not human rights violations in an effort to support his claims:

  • You can’t take the maple leaf off the flag just because you think maybe kids will learn better with it being missing.
  • You can’t take beavers off of nickels.
  • You can’t go and rewrite the Constitution just because it suits you.

Indeed, future two-time election loser Toronto Catholic School Board trustee Kevin Morrison. Indeed.

via:National Post image: Miika Silfverberg & knittymarie/Flickr

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