Hidden camera footage from Manitoba factory farm shows rampant animal cruelty

Factory farming isn’t the humane process we’ve all been led to believe, with pigs running carefree through green meadows and enjoying full, healthy lives before ultimately gifting themselves to the humans they so love. No, factory farming is pretty much exactly what we all know it to be: exceedingly cruel and miserable.

A new graphic video by Mercy for Animals Canada shows hidden camera footage from Puratone in Arborg, Man., where conditions are dire. Puratone supplies stores like Walmart, Loblaws/Superstore and Sobeys. So if you live in Canada and eat pork, you have likely eaten something from Puratone.

MFA Canada documented some pretty awful stuff like:

  • Workers slamming piglets into the ground and leaving them to die
  • Sick pigs being kicked, slapped, and pulled by their ears to force them to move
  • Countless pigs with open wounds and sores, sustained from living in tiny cages with concrete floors

This stuff is pretty hard to watch for even the most committed carnivores. Similar hidden camera investigations into beef and poultry production have yielded similar revelations, which might suggest that there’s some sort of wider problem with how all that cheap meat gets to market. Even if you don’t agree with MFA Canada’s prescription — becoming vegetarian — it’s probably not too much to ask that the animals we eat not be tortured all their lives.

via:Mercy for Animals Canada

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