Here’s an Iranian press report claiming that Alberta’s government is kidnapping and selling Aboriginal children

Yet again, it falls to international outlets to expose what the Canadian mainstream media doesn’t want you to see. Here’s a report from Iran’s state-run Press TV laying out all the cold, hard facts about the mass abduction and trafficking of Aboriginal children in Alberta.

Yes, you read that right.

Press TV’s intrepid reporter Joshua Blakeney tells us that Alberta’s newly-formed counter-terrorism agency INSET regularly conducts raids on the homes of Aboriginal families and removes the children. This is “a money-making scheme” according to a veiled woman in the report who says the kids are “sold into adoption” as part of the government’s plans to destroy native culture.

Holy crow! How do we stop this? Oh, what’s that? Apparently there’s no evidence that this actually happens, ever? Hmm.

As it turns out, Blakeney isn’t just some out-of-work college grad who decided to work for Iran’s propaganda machine. He apparently has a history of, um, colourful views. The National Post’s Jonathan Kay has previously written about the British-born Blakeney’s involvement with 9/11 Truthers and some anti-Semitic groups. At one point, he was even collecting government money to pursue research into “the real story” about the 9/11 attacks.

(Here’s a lengthy recorded interview with Blakeney talking about the supposed 9/11 conspiracy on public access television in B.C.)

Blakeney’s latest bizarre report comes in the same week as the #IdleNoMore protests, in which Aboriginal Canadians across the country took to the streets with lots of real concerns about treaty rights, the environment, self-governance, etc. The last thing anyone needs is for Iranian scare-mongering about child abductions.

Joshua: you’re not helping.

video: Press TV – h/t National Post

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