Canadian travellers who do this shit are not cute or funny or loveable. They’re just embarrassing

According to the Molson-Coors Brewing Company, everyone around the world just loves it when those wacky Canadians come to town, maple-leaf flags on their backpacks, and just start doing wacky things. Like jumping on tables and bringing tree trunks to bars and singing bad karaoke. Isn’t that just so Canadian?

No. That’s just fucking annoying, no matter who does it. To pass these traits off as somehow uniquely Canadian is only going to encourage the douchebags who represent this country abroad to announce their citizenship even louder. Don’t encourage it.

But while we’re all together in Canada, let’s do all those wild Canadian things we always do. Like crowd-surfing in canoes and underwater lesbian kissing!

Wow, Molson. You really nailed it.

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