Winnipeg’s mayor is just as awful as politicians you’ve actually heard of

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Journalists covering Canadian politics were run ragged over the past week and a half. While the bulk of the attention has been split between Toronto and Ottawa, Winnipeg’s mayor is doing his darndest not to be left in the dust.

Currently, Winnipeg’s plucky little mayor Sam Katz is in hot water over a questionable ad campaign. The campaign, which appeared in print, online and on the side of transit buses May 16, purports to be the work of “Responsible Winnipeg,” an interest group that does not, in fact, exist outside the realms of imaginative advertising.

The campaign was intended to swing public opinion in favour of a controversial proposal to offload publicly owned golf courses in Winnipeg at bargain-bin rates. Greasy stuff. When called out on this massive “oversight,” Katz claimed it was all just a mistake. As Global News reported,

The mayor denied trying to hide the fact the $90,000 campaign is paid for by taxpayers, saying the missing logo was just an oversight.

While Winnipeg is generally forgotten about, or dismissed as a cruel joke on the national and international stage, our go-getter of a mayor just won’t give up on trying to keep us in the Big Leagues. A “world class” city if ever there was one, Mayor Katz can make political blunders with the best of ‘em.

Whether it’s shady land deals — at home or abroad — or getting himself into the courts for conflict of interest cases, Mayor Katz does not fuck around like some backwoods rube of a reeve. No sir.

So Rob Ford likes to ditch council meetings for who knows what? Sam Katz is no stranger himself to recusing himself from his mayoral duties to visit sunny Arizona as often as voters can stomach.

You want to talk football? Sure, Rob Ford can fuck up a hike for a cheap laugh. But only Sam Katz can kick a child in the face during a friendly game of “soccer” and still win an election.

So what if senators and chiefs of staff are shuffling cash around the backrooms of Ottawa like it’s so much Monopoly money? So what if the mayor of the fourth-largest city in North America (allegedly, ad nauseum) smoked crack? Winnipeg is still fucking up just like the Big Boys!

The fact of the matter is we have considerable scandals here in Winnipeg, just like other “world class” cities.  The problem is nobody outside of the Perimeter Highway gives two shits, and neither do most people living inside it.

image: original: AJ Batac/Flickr

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  • kidsthesedays

    Selling the golf courses to his best buds over at simco industry and everyone gets rich. I bet party’s at his house are just top notch though