Environment Minister Peter Kent is really excited Peter Kent is running for Parliament again


Environment Minister Peter Kent is “so glad” Peter Kent is running for Parliament again in 2015.

The Thornhill, Ont., Member of Parliament congratulated himself on the wise decision Friday afternoon, in third-person, when he tweeted the grateful message from his @KentThornhillMP account.

“So glad Peter Kent has announced his intention to run again in 2015. He is an outstanding MP for the people of Thornhill,” read the tweet before it was deleted by Kent or one of his staffers.

Maybe Kent just doesn’t understand Twitter. He does, after all, have three accounts, two of which he hasn’t used in over a year. Right now @mpPeterKent and @ec_minister are collecting dust because he just walked away from them one day.

Can the people of Thornhill really trust someone this unpredictable with their futures?

[image via Emma Godmere]

mistakes were made, Peter Kent,

  • purplelibraryguy

    Presumably he’s hoping people will retweet it or whatever twitter does, and when it’s coming out of other people’s mouths it will make more sense. So it’s a PR plant, just a peculiarly graceless and inept one.

  • suradasa

    One of his staff probably tweeted it, not realizing that it it was from Kent’s account rather than his own. Only reasonable explanation I can think of. Still funny, though.