Some pervert in Montreal is stealing women’s underwear off clotheslines

What is this world coming to when a lady can’t even hang her unmentionables on a clothesline, secure in the knowledge that the only thing touching those delicates will be the summer breeze?

Police are trying to find a man who has been terrorizing the Ahuntsic area of Montreal for the last year, stealing women’s underwear from clotheslines. Since the first report of plundered undergarments in 2012, the same man is suspected in a rash of clothesline thefts.

The video above was provided by one of the thief’s victims, filmed June 27.

He only seems to target women in their 50s and early 60s. And if my Google Translate and rudimentary French are to be trusted, the suspect has apparently returned to some of his victims’ homes several months after the initial thefts and left behind photos of himself wearing the pilfered underwear.

We’re dealing with a real freak here.

[SPVM | h/t: Tom Kott]

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