Major storm in Toronto floods much of the city, shuts down power and transit

Torrential rains Monday night flooded parts of Toronto, left about 300,000 people without power and shut down roads and subways across the city as well as parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

According to Environment Canada, parts of the GTA experiences more than 90 millimetres of rain, and the total was expected to top 100 mm by Tuesday, setting an all-time record. The previous one-day record for rainfall in Toronto was 29.2 mm in 2008.

Thousands of residents uploaded photos of the flooding to Twitter and elsewhere. Below is a gallery of some of the most spectacular shots.

Two minutes before the storm

Clouds amass over Toronto

Toronto skyline

flooded subway station

flooded subway

King Street West

Go Train


Go train inside

Flooded GO train

Bus driving through the flood

Highway 427 and Burnhamthorpe



Caledonia and Davenport

Lakeshore and Fleet

King and Atlantic

Simcoe and Front


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  • Bill M

    Once again, Mother Nature shows us who’s boss. Sorry for your loss.

  • purplelibraryguy

    In other news, climate change still isn’t real or significant. We have some guy with a degree in something totally unrelated to climate who says so, so that proves it.

  • Nadine Lumley Real

    Yes, everybody listen to Stephen Harper’s Reform CRAP Government that there is no climate change. Too bad he muzzled all our scientists so you can’t hear them…