Women be shoppin’, women be ruinin’ men’s lives with false rape accusations


Straight men just can’t seem to catch a break. They work hard all week, and then when they want to relax and have a couple cold brews with their bros on the weekend they get hoodwinked by shiny-haired succubi using sex to destroy their lives. Luckily for these helpless creatures — really, the eternal victims of our female-dominated society — there’s a group of guys in Edmonton trying to put a stop to the madness.

Posters copying the style of the anti-sexual assault “Don’t be that guy” campaign have been appearing around the University of Alberta campus. Instead of telling dudes not to rape the women around them, these ads remind women not to claim they were raped unless it truly, actually, 100,000 per cent happened. And let’s face it, ladies: you weren’t really raped, were you?

The bottom of the posters says that lying about sexual assault is a crime. Since that’s true, it seems like this matter has about solved itself. Any reasonable person whose interest in this issue is seeing crimes treated as such and punished when they occur should be satisfied by this, since studies have shown that rape vastly outnumbers false rape accusations. If you are someone who genuinely wants rape and false rape charges to be treated as seriously as they should each be, and not someone who fears or hates women, this problem is actually not a problem.

rapist_visualization_03[image via The Enliven Project]

It should be noted that the above infographic generated significant controversy when it was released earlier this year. The woman behind it responded to that criticism with some of the figures and studies she used in preparing the image. It’s also important to note that while one in six women (by most studies) is raped, one in six men is not a rapist. In fact, some research concludes that a small number of men commit the majority of rapes.

Of the 120 rapists, 76 (63.3%) reported committing repeat rapes, either against multiple victims, or more than once against the same victim. In total, the 120 rapists admitted to 483 rapes, or 4.0 rapes each. However, this average is somewhat misleading. Since 44 ofthe 120 rapists admitted to only a single rape, the 76 repeat rapists actually accounted for 439 of the rapes, averaging 5.8 each.

So that’s that, then, right? Most men aren’t rapists, rape is far more common than false rape charges, women can be arrested and charged if they falsely accuse someone of raping them, we can all go about our days. The case of the false rape charge scourge has been solved. Heck, maybe we should even direct some of our collective attention toward fighting rape! Especially since a recent survey found that 19 per cent of Canadians believe a woman being drunk can “provoke or encourage sexual assault.”

See you at the protest, Men’s Rights Edmonton!

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  • Danielle

    *slow clap*

  • lisegot

    But important to remember that a report made in good faith in never a crime. I worry about spreading the message that false reporting is a crime. People minimize their sexual assault experiences and can easily be deterred from making a police report. Reporting a sexual assault that you believe to have happened is not a crime, even if the accused person is ultimately vindicated.

    • dfs

      Are you serious? Reporting a false sexual assault can literally destroy a man’s life. He could potentially become ostracized by his neighbours, friends and even family. The person can lose their job. If they are government workers, they’ll automatically lose their security status to work with children, pending the outcome of the trial. A trial might not take place for up to a year and can cost at minimum, 50 thousand dollars in legal fees. The man can lose his wife or even the custody of his children. While on bail, should he be granted bail, he must adhere to humiliating and potentially restrictive conditions pertaining to his freedom. Then, he must endure the hardship of facing a possible conviction, a sentence and in the event that the falsely accused is remanded in jail, even before the commencement of trial proceedings, the person is exposed to imminent jailhouse danger by his fellow inmates who are known to brutally target, even alleged rapists. The stigma of the accusation alone is horrible as there will always remain a shadow of a doubt when he proclaims his own innocence. Everyone is hurt, including the man immediate family. Lise… You’ve no idea what you are talking about. Stop “intellectualizing” and start living. Peoples lives are at stake and you’ve not seemed to factor in the destructive impact that a false accusation of rape might have on your fellow human being. Furthermore I wonder where people get their data from. It has recently been “scientifically” proven that half of “reported” cases simply aren’t true. And how does one quantify unreported rapes? Ps (I site the Edmonton Cab driver as an example of the commonality of false accusations and the girls never got charged)

      • Dick Scientific Johnson

        Where are you getting your “facts” from? Where has it ever been established that “half of reported rapes are false”?

        You are completely full of it.

  • Bob Saget

    So, wait, hold on, unreported crimes.. weren’t the conservatives laughed at when they brought this up and increased the punishment for sexual assault?

  • Damsel Indetech

    If the Edmontona MRAs were really concerned about evening out the campaign to support men, the content of their “Don’t Be That Girl” posters would have been to tell women they need to get consent from their male partners and to not take advantage of intoxicated men. Seriously, that is a valid issue that needs to be addressed and those types of rapes are severely under-reported.

    • N

      I’d really prefer a ‘Don’t be that person’ campaign. Consent isn’t gendered.

      • 3last

        Consent isn’t gendered, but sexual violence is. We *know* that the majority of perpetrators are men:


        I frequently hear MRAs talking about the underreporting of male sexual assaults, which is indeed a true problem. However, MRAs then claim that a large number of these unreported male sexual assaults are committed by women. The thing is, we don’t *know* that and so at this point it remains a hypothetical, backed up only anecdotally (which does not detract from the validity of those stories, but it is not an academically sound argument).

        We do know that there are some female perpetrators of male sexual assault, but of the male sexual assaults which are reported, the majority are committed by other men. So creating gendered sexual assault prevention campaigns MAKES SENSE in addressing the issue that we know for. A. Fact. Exists.

        • Joel

          Actually the data on those victims is there it just doesn’t get through the feminist filter. Feminists control all the research, how rape is defined for example excludes “forced to penetrate” and that erases 60% of male victims and 60% of the people raping males (aka females). They latch on to 2-8% despite almost every study showing it to be MUCH MUCH higher because 2% is a tiny number, seriously that’s why, not because the majority of research supports those numbers.

  • burnstand

    Who provides the funding for these organizations?

  • Me

    Are women people?
    Do people lie?
    Do the math.