Winnipeg man outdoes himself by chainsawing bathroom of strip club he co-owns


A Winnipeg man was charged with two counts of mischief Friday after allegedly taking a chainsaw to a local strip joint, according to police reports.

Apparently, the man in question tore up the bathroom at Teasers, a beauty of a local gentlemen’s club on Marion Street and Archibald in St. Boniface, on Tuesday. The accused was then said to return on Thursday with a chainsaw to finish the demolition job he’d commenced earlier in the week. Looks like I gotta find another place to enjoy a late afternoon cocktail this weekend?

The Winnipeg Free Press described the accused, Ray Rybachuk, as a “local businessman who was once known as a biker associate with a criminal record.” They also mention that he is a part owner of Teasers, the strip club in question. Huh.

The CBC gets mad props on this one for best headline, which read “Winnipeg man charged for chainsaw incident at strip club.” The Free Press responded with a less hilarious headline (“Rybachuk arrested, charged over fracas at Teasers“), but more complete account of the incident, as well as Rybachuk’s criminal past.

The dirty laundry list is long, and neither the CBC nor the Free Press pull any punches. His most recent brush with local media prior, of course, to this apparent chainsaw outburst, was his involvement in the short-lived return of the Royal Albert Arms, another beloved Winnipeg boozery. Up until this outburst, when the name “Rybachuk” was mentioned, thoughts turned quickly to “The Grilled Bun Incident.” This latest incident certainly ups the ante. Big time.

It seems to me as though we’re dealing with a Very Serious Fellow here. Super Serious, you might say. One you wouldn’t want to tango with in a dark alley, in the bathroom of a strip club at 11am on a Thursday morning, or anywhere, for that matter. So let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

But then again, destroying property, especially your own, in a very public manner with a motherfucking chainsaw is pretty fucking awesome, if you ask me. Like, Next Fucking Level Bad Assery. Maybe this guy isn’t so bad, after all?

[image via Katie Cowden/Flickr / Dennis Hlynsky/Flickr]

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