Finally, a man will save women(‘s publications)


In the last few months there’s been some debate over why women’s publications don’t produce “serious journalism” like their male counterparts, and whether it’s even possible. Esquire and GQ have important news stories alongside their “how to wear a glen plaid suit” photoshoots, whereas Vogue and Cosmo have … more photoshoots. And sex tips, never forget the bizarre sex tips.

But as of August 13, all of that is about to change. Bryan Goldberg, founder of a sports website, is going to save women’s writing. He has an insane idea that is so insane, in fact, that it just might work: allow women to read about manly men’s man-business like the news. But also allow them to keep reading about women’s stuff, like makeup and celebrities. In fact, allow women to read about all these things together.


Isn’t it time for a women’s publication that puts world news and politics alongside beauty tips? What about a site that takes an introspective look at the celebrity world, while also having a lot of fun covering it? How about a site that offers career advice and book reviews, while also reporting on fashion trends and popular memes?

He’s truly a maverick.

He is definitely very knowledgeable about the dearth of thoughtful women’s publications and is not an oblivious opportunist.

Maybe we need a destination that is powered by the young women who currently occupy the bottom floors at major publishing houses.

This dedication to women and lack of blind greed is why he led his press release — styled, cleverly enough, as a blog post rather than a publicity stunt — with the amount of money he’s raised for this new and exciting venture.

How much has he raised? Well, he’s certainly glad you asked! He will start this necessary and valuable venture with $6.5 million in the bank.

But in case you think it’s maybe a little odd that a man is raking in millions of dollars on the premise of empowering or supporting women, he’s got something to say. Something he has said in an article written by him, which features a thumbnail of his face at the top of the page.

The good news is that I am neither the face nor the voice of Bustle.

Oh! Good.

How much of that $6.5-million startup fund will make its way to the women who are the faces and voices of Bustle? (After extracting however much it cost to create “a custom CMS that ties seamlessly to our responsive design,” of course.)

At Bustle, we thoroughly recruit and review prospective writers, and we pay them.

Hm. Okay, apparently that’s better than he did with his first website, but how much will these women be paid? These are, in Goldberg’s words, women who occupied the bottom rungs of the publishing business. And he has come to rescue them from lives of anonymity, to change their lives for the better.

According to several sources, Bustle will pay its contributors the glass-ceiling-shattering sum of $100 per day for four to six posts. Equality!

Let’s turn to the women who will run and write for this game-changing web site. Where are they from? Since they will be providing coverage of both international current events and makeup, they’ll probably come from a variety of publications and spaces.

I have hired talented women with experience at Entertainment Weekly, Glamour, Daily Beast, TheStir, Seventeen, and other top publications to lead our editorial.

Amazing. Goldberg is a visionary.

The end of Goldberg’s press release/article/FAQ/jerk-off in writing form has an interesting juxtaposition.

In fact, we don’t even use the term “guilty pleasures,” because there is no topic that someone should feel ashamed to write about.
Can men read Bustle too?

Yes. And they secretly will.

So there you have it. A website that will fill the yawning gap in women’s interest websites, employ smart women and lift them out of poverty and drudgery, eschew the idea that we need to feel guilty about liking vapid pop culture, and appeal (secretly) to men!

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