Even more evidence of how disgusting our food is

La surconsommation from Lasurconsommation on Vimeo.

It’s a fact that we all seem to agree on, even if most of us don’t do anything about it: the industrialized food production process is terrible.

Animals are routinely and horrifically mistreated, contaminated food is constantly released for sale and consumption and the most profitable farming practices are helping destroy the environment.

This disturbing but beautifully shot short film about meat production is worth a watch. At just over six minutes and with no speech whatsoever, it’s a remarkably powerful video that might leave you questioning just how much you really need those hamburgers.

[True Activist]

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  • andersjb

    Just for the record, as the link over at Vimeo and True Activist notes, this is an excerpt from the film Samsara (2011) directed by Ron Fricke rather than a short film in and of its own.

  • Bern.

    Unsettling and uncomfortable to see some of what our voracious consumption entails.