Tired of Miley Cyrus ‘twerking’? See how it’s really done

A lot has been said of Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs on Aug. 24. Some of it was problematic, some of it was insightful and most of it was the terrible, vacuous nonsense that out-of-touch adults consider relevant cultural commentary.

If you’re sick of it all, no one here is blaming you. But it’s worth seeing an example of twerking done right, of the rich culture and dance that Cyrus co-opted and, really, butchered. There is no better example out there than New Orleans-based bounce rapper Big Freedia.

Her shows are hotbeds of twerk innovation, as seen in the above video, which features the “double twerk.”

Big Freedia, a genderqueer artist who has worked for years to popularize twerking and bounce music, is amazing. She is often referred to as the “queen of bounce,” and she has definitely earned the title. Her shows are an exuberant mess of sweaty bodies and bouncing butts, and it is truly a delight to behold. Perhaps even better, she shared some thoughts on the Cyrus travesty with Fuse magazine this week.

[Fuse] Going back to Miley, let’s say you were the choreographer and saw her performance as a dress rehearsal. What specific tips would you have given her?

[Big Freedia] Don’t do it.


[image via Caesar Sebastian/Flickr]

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