Woman’s McNuggets rampage at drive-thru inspires Super Saiyan tribute

An Ohio woman’s drunk rampage at a McDonald’s drive-thru after being denied Chicken McNuggets serves as an important reminder that the fast food restaurant’s serving hours are in dire need of a shake-up.

Melodi Dushane’s troubles started when she wanted dinner menu items at 6:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day, according to the police report. After being told that only breakfast was being served (i.e.: no McNuggets) Dushane went into a rage, punching the drive-thru attendant and her manager before smashing the window and driving away.

The police released video of the incident in August, but someone took the silent version and dubbed over an imagined conversation between Dushane and the McDonald’s staff, embedded up top. In this version, Dushane threatens to go Super Saiyan and says she will “eat your fucking face and digest it.”

The conversation is, obviously, fake. But it’s also hilarious.

Dushane received a 60-day sentence and had to pay for the cost of replacing the drive-thru window, although the real villain here is whatever McDonald’s exec continues to deny people the chance to buy McNuggets during breakfast hours and McMuffins at other times. Seriously, just make the whole menu available all day!

[via YouTube]

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