Harry Styles thinks the kids these days are too promiscuous

Evidently the window between “sprightly jailbait pop superstar” and “Clint Eastwood-esque doddering old person” is razor-thin. One Direction member Harry Styles responded to questions on Aug. 27 about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance by saying twerking “promotes promiscuity” and is “quite inappropriate.”

The entire band, of whom the oldest member is 21, tut-tutted twerking and twerkers alike, bemoaning the dance’s effect on their young fans.

“You’ve got to have certain muscles to do it,” said Liam Payne, sporting a precariously perched ball cap à la Justin Bieber.

It’s possible the band was “having a lark,” as they probably say with their adorable accents: Zayn has a hand to his mouth to hide a grin for the duration of the video, and Louis chuckles a few times as well.

One can only hope the 19- to 21-year-olds of One Direction are not seriously aghast at a new dance craze — though not a new dance — because that would mean we’ve reached and passed through the pop culture singularity.

[New York Daily News] [imge via Kate Elizabeth/Flickr]

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