Buzzkill police seize drugs in Ontario meant for other countries


In a majorly uncool move, bro, police in Ontario announced Thursday they had seized meth and “pill derivatives” of meth worth $40 million in July, most of which was intended for sale and use in other countries.

Officers ended a four-month investigation by seizing 120 kilograms of pure, Heisenberg-quality meth, four million pills of up to 10 per cent purity, 110,483 meth pills and another 14 kilograms of meth powder ready to be pressed into pills. There were four locations involved in the operation, including what was apparently the largest chemical drug lab ever discovered in Ontario.

Most of the drugs were going to be sent out of country, which police say is common in Canada. According to an officer who spoke to York Region News, there are “legal loopholes” in Canadian drug law ensuring that “Asian gangs are able to use the GTA as a manufacturing haven before shipping their product outside the country.”

Presumably, non-Asian gangs are also able to exploit these loopholes.

After worrying that acclaimed television series Breaking Bad is romanticizing the world’s most publicly disgusting drug, police told the news site anyone considering using meth check out Faces Of Meth. As if there is a single person alive who doesn’t know how much meth addiction messes up a person’s face, and if everyone looks at this one website it will end the scourge of meth addiction for all time.

[OPP | York Region News] [image via OPP

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