Eerie timelapse video shows ‘person’ aging

Watching this video from start to finish is an exercise in patience and then, once realization sets in, an exercise in not getting too weirded out by an internet video to shut it off and forget all about it. To get the full effect of the video you have to watch the entire thing, but it’s more than worth the wait once you do.

Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello attended a friend’s Thanksgiving family reunion in 2012 with photographer Keith Sirchio, and shot portraits of the friend, Danielle, and her relatives. After scanning the photos he selected the ones with the most similar bone structure and animated them so that they would morph seamlessly into each other.

Cerniello told Colossal that he had intended to create the image of a person but thinks it turned out “slightly robotic, like an android.” That’s up to the viewer to decide; it struck me as incredibly realistic but, because of that, all the more unsettling.