Woman really excited about new outfit, dances around like a maniac

Lauren Reilly is an aspiring actress, but there’s nothing fake about her love for a $5 outfit she found at a thrift shop.

“So as you know, I’m the pinnacle of modern fashion and I want to show you the greatest thing that I just found today,” Reilly says in the video, revealing what looks like a vintage dress.

But is it a dress? Watch and discover the truth.

Posted in late August, this video has only recently become popular — but it’s not hard to see why. In an age of manufactured weirdness meant to sell you Hot Pockets or some bullshit art project, Reilly’s little happy dance seems like a throwback to an older, more innocent internet when people just did something goofy because they felt like it.

If she ends up working for Buzzfeed, though, I’m gonna throw my laptop out the window.

[via ViralViralVideos]

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