Get excited for the Speech from the Throne with a little Game of Thrones

The Speech from the Throne marks the start of another session of Parliament and allows the government of the day to lay out its agenda for the public. Unfortunately, throne speeches ultimately mean very little the day after they are delivered, but that hasn’t stopped news outlets from going crazy today in an attempt to make the most of it. Hey, it’s pretty easy to point a camera at the Governor General while he reads out the “consumer first” pledges of the Conservatives.

But if you really want to get amped up for the throne speech, why not rely on Game of Thrones? An Albatross contributor (who wished to remain anonymous) slapped together the video up top, set to the “Fucking Game of Thrones” theme song. Now that is how you promote a meaningless speech.

The original is embedded below, just because it’s awesome.

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