Norman Spector so glad the Governor General looks like a ‘normal’ Canadian

Old white people look like 'normal Canadians' to old white guy


Failed journalist and former chief of staff to Brian Mulroney, Norman Spector, took a moment during Wednesday’s Speech from the Throne to marvel at how normal the Governor General and his wife look.

Just look at those old white people, literally sitting on a fucking throne, looking all normal and shit.

Compared to the oh-so-normal David Johnston and his wife, it almost makes you tremble in fear remembering how abnormal our last Governor General looked. One wonders how much Spector “liked” her look.

The best response to Spector came from Toronto writer and comedian Mikey Kohlberg, whose eloquent rebuttal deserves recognition here:

OK, now let’s go back to pretending the Throne Speech matters.

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