Justin Bieber goes to strip club, leaves a pile of dirty $1 bills for dancer

bieber cash

No matter how much Justin Bieber tries to be a badass, he just never quite gets it right.

Biebz went to a strip club in Houston this week and left a pile of money for a stripper who goes by Diamond. She subsequently tweeted about the encounter and shared a photo of the cash, and people seemed really impressed.

But look closely and you’ll see that Bieber’s donation to the Diamond fund was actually not that much by celebrity standards.

For starters, those are all $1 bills. Even in stacks of 50, that’s only between $2,500 and $3,000. This from a guy worth about $130 million.

And yes, people traditionally use ones for strippers, but that’s so people can make the experience last. Dumping a bunch of money on the floor and walking out doesn’t require that denomination, and just makes you look a cheapskate.

Besides, the cash is all nasty and crumpled up, tied together with elastic bands as though prepared by his mom.

So while Diamond seemed stoke by Bieber’s visit (and that he touched her ass), we should all keep some perspective here.

[image via Diamond/Twitter]

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