Suspended Canadian Senators still get $400 worth of dick pills each year


After months of revelations about how much Canadian Senators were lining their own pockets with public funds, the three worst offenders have finally been suspended — but they’ll still get their boners thanks to the generous taxpayers of Canada.

Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau are no longer drawing salaries after the Senate voted to suspend them Tuesday, but their lucrative health plans are still in place. Here are some of the perks they still enjoy, according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal:

  • Hospital benefits of up to $220 per day (roughly the cost of a private room)
  • Erectile dysfunction drugs (80% of the $500 maximum per year)
  • Psychologists’ services (80% of the $1000 maximum per year)
  • Physiotherapists’ services (80% of the first $500 per year, and another 80% of anything more than $1000 per year)
  • Eyewear, $275 every two years
  • Osteopath, naturopath, massage therapist, and podiatrist or chiropodists’ services (80% of a $300 maximum per year)
  • Chiropractor’s services (80% of the $500 maximum per year)
  • Speech language pathologist (80% of the $500 maximum per year)
  • Nursing services (80% of the $15 000 per year maximum)

Now try to shake the image of Mike Duffy’s boner out of your head.

[h/t Jordan Press/Postmedia][image via mcdemoura/Flickr]

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