Russian dating profiles are too sexy


Online dating is never easy since even the tiniest typo or unflattering photo could doom you to failure in finding a date. But these profiles from Russian dating sites, making the rounds on Reddit, are a whole new level of weird.

But who knows, maybe this is what works there.

3ZjR0Fl - Imgur

4K839F7 - Imgur

cguqiSR - Imgur

Gc7IFzZ - Imgur

FchiTgp - Imgur

mpSy4JY - Imgur

cXrCnK7 - Imgur

F6zoutv - Imgur

E5C4l9o - Imgur

OpjX83Z - Imgur

wJKBXMk - Imgur

t2pgS74 - Imgur

QodHmfY - Imgur

[Source: Reddit via HuffPost]

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