Justin Trudeau will sleep with you for $250

Justin Trudeau

They say politics and prostitution have a lot in common, but Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau is bridging the gap between the two professions with a special ladies’ night in Toronto Thursday.

The Liberals are putting on an event billed as “Justin Unplugged” and tickets cost $250. What will be on the agenda at this intimate affair? Well, take a look at the promotional image below.


In addition to the sultry image of the mop-topped young politician, there’s a promise of cocktails, candid conversation and “curiosity-inducing ideas.”

“Ladies, you’re invited to (really) get to know the future prime minister,” reads the promo. (Note the cursive script, engineered to appeal to women who might want to pin this to their Pinterest board).

So ladies, if you want to sleep with Justin Trudeau for the relatively low price of $250, this is your shot. You’d better act quick; the price is sure to climb if he becomes prime minister.

Of course, there’s an outside chance this is actually a political event — but it would be really weird to advertise a women’s event with all this touchy-feely shit instead of promising to talk about things like health care, education, workplace equality, etc.

But no, by all means, let’s have Trudeau, man of the people, talk to rich Liberals in Toronto about their “favourite virtue,” whatever the fuck that is.

[images via Flickr, Liberal Party]

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