Conrad Black owes $5.1M in back taxes

Conrad Black owes the Canadian government $5.1 million in taxes on income and taxable benefits from 2002. That’s the decision of a tax court that sided with the Canada Revenue Agency’s position that Black was a resident of Canada during that time and must therefore pay taxes. Black, who renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2001 so that he could become a British Lord, has been living in Toronto since 2012. [LINK]

Conrad Black, taxes

  • Tyler Nightingale

    During what time?

  • swen

    They allowed a CONVICTED FELON to reside in CANADA,THAT DOES NOT HAVE CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP(Chretien took it from him when he became a “Sir Conrad Black” a BRITISH CITIZEN), a thief and crook. All others without money and smaller criminal record are not allowed to get into.Why double standards Canada?I am not for small time to crook to come here but I am against dual standards.

  • swen

    If this is happening in the States (owning in taxes) he would go back to slammer where he belongs, not giving him a talk show…here in Canada