Tory MP in Israel begs to be included in photo op: ‘This is the re-election’

Photo ops by politicians are, by their very nature, staged events meant to elicit positive coverage. Nobody takes them seriously, but being in the right photo is still something backbenchers can plaster on their websites as proof they actually do something for their salaries.

One Tory MP travelling with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Israel this week saw his opportunity slipping away and was desperate to get in on the publicity photos. With reporters nearby, York Centre MP Mark Adler was heard pleading with a Harper aide Tuesday to be allowed closer to the prime minister, who was at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the holiest site in Judaism.

“It’s the re-election!” he whined. “This is the million-dollar shot.”

Pretty pathetic, but luckily the whole thing was caught on tape.

At least Adler isn’t coming back home empty-handed. He did manage to get a photo with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, although there’s no telling if it will be enough to secure his re-election.

[Via Globe and Mail]

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