Stay in school or you’ll explode

school yard

An interesting new “PSA” making its way around the internet touts the importance of staying in school and uses some fucked-up images to make its point.

The video, called “Set Yourself Free,” has been making its rounds on Youtube. It features four good-looking youth sneaking out of their houses, playing hooky from school and sneaking onto a beach for an afternoon of fun in the sun. The video features a pleasant little ditty about how there are no consequences in life and “rules are there for us to break.” All in all, it’s a delightful romp; that is, until everyone explodes and blood and guts are strewn about.  See for yourself:

The video ends with the tagline, “This is what happens when you slack off,” and claims to be produced by the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia. The only problem with that is that the only link on the website for the foundation is a link to the filmmakers’ site, and no information about education or, for that matter, anything other than this one video is available on the site.

The filmmakers behind the video are Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann from Perth, Western Australia. The pair are known for creating comedy shorts called Henry & Aaron as well as other films and campaigns.

In short, the pair have either created a terrifying but useless PSA for staying in school or they have attempted to con the internet into checking out their website. You just can’t trust anything anymore.
[ Youtube ]  [image via Mad Boedker / Flickr]

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