U.S. sends beer, respect to Canada after losing Olympic hockey matches


It is, surely, the most important sociopolitical victory Canada has ever scored. The White House, shamefaced in defeat, sent two cases of beer to the Canadian government after the American men’s and women’s hockey teams both suffered crushing defeats at the hands of their Canadian counterparts during the Winter Olympics earlier this year.

The men faced off in the semi-final, with a 1-0 victory for Canada. The women’s game, which was the final, saw the Canadians first tie and then win in overtime after trailing the Americans 2-0 for the vast majority of the game; the final score was 3-2. Just goes to show what a little hard work, an aw-shucks attitude, and a ridiculously expensive sports funding-cum-political-propaganda program can do.

[CBS] [image via @Connect2Canada/Twitter]

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